RailROWMap Preview

NOTE: RailROWMap is available now! Download for iOS and Android from the links on the left or in the menu!

RailROWMap is a custom iOS/Android mapping application coming soon. With this app, you will be able to view maps of abandoned railroad lines, across the world, ghost towns and abandoned places, heritage railways, railroad points of interest and abandoned airports! Each point on each map allows the user to select it and view more information about its history, location, etc.

Users will be able to submit additional points and lines to the map, pending admin approval.

The app does NOT track users or store any kind of geographic information about the user, outside of what users personally send to us (i.e emails, files, etc.) The app is ad supported, with the option available to remove adds for a fee.

Release is in January, 2021, and is currently pending approval in both the Google Play and App Store.


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