The Abandoned & Out-of-Service Railroad Lines Map on Leaflet

I love using Google My Maps to host our Abandoned & Out-of-Service Railroad Lines Map, as it is thus far been the best way I've found that I can both seamlessly edit and present the crowdsourced data, and include the interactivity that I want on the map. It has been invaluable over these past 7 years!

That being said, for longtime users of the site, I've experimented with other map providers as well, and now I'm experimenting with using Leaflet, which is an application one can use to host html and JavaScript maps on their own platform. For those who know how to edit the code, you can create some amazingly beautiful maps, without having to pay an arm and a leg to Google or ESRI, and are in complete control of your geographic data, something that has always been an issue to me, as Google has a tendency to remove wonderful products once they no longer make money (R.I.P Fusion Tables).

With that in mind, I've used the wonderful tools at GPS Visualizer to create my own Leaflet map of Abandoned & Out-of-Service Railway Lines. This map is below, and is not intended to replace the Google My Maps product anytime soon, but exists as sort of a backup map, and if things ever change, I can begin using this one outright.

Depending on how this map works and other projects I may create with Leaflet, I may begin using this format more, but once again this does not replace the work we've done so far!

This is the imaged version of the map in North America:

Thanks again for your continued support for this project as well as our other maps, and thanks as always for reading!


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