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The Original Connecticut Central Railroad (1871)

In 1871, at nearly the apex of the railroad boom created out of competition, a group of investors sought to challenge the success of the  Hartford and New Haven Railroad  between the fledgling cities of Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA, by building their own railway on the opposite site of the Connecticut River between the two cities.  The group would call the line the "Connecticut Central Railroad", and would attempt to secure financing and construction for the road in spite of the challenges to the company's existence brought forth by the New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad. Nonetheless, the company was able to secure funding for the line, and begin construction in 1874, opening two years later in 1876. For the Massachusetts segment of the line, the company secured the earlier, still unbuilt, right of way of the  Springfield & Longmeadow Railroad , which would be re-chartered as the Springfield and New London Railroad to meet the Connecticut Central at the stat

Model Railroads and Freight Cars

Hello again after a bit of a break! Recently, I received an email from a Boy Scout named Noah Miller who was interested in model railroading, and asked if I could link to an article on the subject that he had found especially useful. I decided to do one better and ask for permission to reproduce the article on my site! I've since received approval from the author and the result is below! For anyone who has frequented the site for as long as it's been online, you'll know I've done very little in the way of model railroading, as I find my time learning our history and building maps much more fulfilling, but that isn't to say that there isn't a huge community devoted to the subject that I would be foolish to ignore. Furthermore, upon reading the article, I learned about the Scottsdale Railroad Park , who has a small-gauge railway in operation in addition to a museum devoted to the railroad history of the area. Fun fact: Members of the McCormick Family, very activ