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When Weather Changed Railroad History: The Story of the Overseas Railroad

The Overseas Railroad spanned over 156 miles and connected mainland Florida to Key West, a chain of islands at the southernmost tip of the state in an absolute marvel of engineering. The railroad was constructed in the early 1900s by the  Florida East Coast Railway  (FEC) and was completed in 1912, after years of grueling labor and numerous setbacks. ( Right of way ) A vintage FEC Postcard showing the Overseas Railroad  at Long Key Viaduct. Palm Beach Florida Weekly The idea for the Overseas Railroad was conceived by  Henry Flagler , a businessman and entrepreneur who was instrumental in developing Florida’s tourism industry. Flagler recognized the potential of the Florida Keys as a tourist destination and saw the need for a reliable transportation system to connect the mainland to the islands. THE  HAVANA SPECIAL  EXPRESS crossing the two-and-a-half miles stretch of Long Key Viaduct on the way to Key West. (Mikes Railroad History) The FEC Key West Extension Map  – This map shows how K