Abandoned Airports Map

A working map of Abandoned Airports, Landing Strips and Aircraft Boneyards

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  1. Great maps. How do you create a map with Google maps. I have not yet discovered how to draw on google maps, add a comment to the drawing (generally an abandoned rail segment, an unpublished spur, or an unpublished siding), add text to the statement, and then publish it so all can see.

    You apparently have solved that problem. Can you give me some insight as to how to do that?

    Ed Bradford

    1. Ed, thanks for the question, and perhaps I’ll add a FAQ area to this site at some point.

      To create a google map, you need to use Google My Maps https://www.google.com/maps/d/. From there you’ll be able to create different maps using different base maps as backdrops. I prefer the satellite backdrop since it allows me to seamlessly look for abandoned rail lines.

      You can also change the privacy settings of the map to allow it to be viewed by the public, which allows them to be embedded as well. I maybdo a more robust tutorial at some point, but Google My Maps is user friendly enough that many of its features can be learned simply by playing around with it.

      If you have any other questions please let me know!



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