Railroad History/Maps: - A website that has helped extensively with finding and tracing abandoned

 An Atlas Obscura Article About The Map.

 @AbandonedROWMap - Our Twitter Page

abandonedrowmap - Our Instagram Page

Brief History of New York City Transportation - A brief overview of the development of the New York City Transit Network, from horse-drawn carriages to today's subway system. Thanks to Cindy and Liam Powell for the link!

Denver Rails - As the name suggests, this page has some great info and history on the railroads of Denver, Colorado and the Western US.

Directory of Railroad History Research Locations (Railway and Locomotive Historical Society)

Forgotten Railways, Roads, and Places - Our Facebook page

FRA Rail Map - This is a comprehensive map of the active US Rail Network, including railroad crossing information and safety data.

Industrial History - Blog, notes and maps by Dennis DeBruler. Extremely thorough information!

Mississippi Railroads Google Earth Maps - A fantastic collection of created active and abandoned railroad maps by Tony Howe.

Rails and Trails 

Rail Map Online - A similar project to ours, with much more accuracy in the United Kingdom and Ireland. - An ongoing project to map the active passenger routes in the United States.

Railways Archive - A great resource for British Railway history including train wrecks.

Texas State Historical Association - An invaluable resource for many of Texas' early railroads.

University of Georgia Rare Map Collection - Rare transportation maps.

University of Alabama Railroad Map Collection - Maps of various railroads, particularly in the Southern US.

Southeastern Illinois Railroads - David Cantrell's website full of information, links and maps on railroads that ran in the Southeastern part of Illinois.

Library of Congress - The Beginning of American Railroads and Mapping.

General Railroad Information:

Rail Serve - A listing of rail related links and information.

Other Maps:

Historic Aerials - This site has probably helped more than any other with regard to finding abandoned railroad lines for my map. In addition to historic aerial views, it has an extensive collection of topo maps as well.

USGS Topographic Map Viewer - Some more historic topo maps can be found here that aren't on historic aerials.

University of Texas Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - An amazing resource for historical maps of all kinds!

University of Illinois Historical Maps - For Illinois related historical maps.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Digital Map Collection

David Rumsey Map Collection - One of the largest collections of topo maps, as well as some historic geocoded maps.

Route 66 Map Online - A simple, yet highly detailed, map of the entire Mother Road.

Official Map of the Lincoln Highway - An incredible resource on the many different alignments the Lincoln had throughout its lifetime.

Library of Congress Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Collection - Highly detailed maps of urban areas from the late 19th and early to mid 20th centuries. Some maps are also available from the University of Illinois.

General History:

Illinois Digital Archives

South Cook Explore - An excellent website devoted to the history of the southern region of Cook County and adjacent areas. This site has Google Maps devoted to historic sites in the area.

Railroad Memorabilia: - Great site for railroad pictures, models, and art.

Railroad Collectibles & History - Our sister Facebook page, which shows some interesting photos and memorabilia, primarily from eBay. Some of these are our own items for sale.

Railroad Museums/Depots: 

Illinois Railway Museum

Fox River Trolley Museum

The Museums at Lisle Station Park

Utah State Railroad Museum (Ogden City)

New Buffalo Railroad Museum

And Many More on our Railroad Points of Interest Map!

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