Abandoned Cemeteries Map

Here is our map of Abandoned Cemeteries across the world. This data, like our other data, is crowdsourced, and thus currently has only a small fraction of cemetery locations across the United States, let alone the world. 

Much like our other maps, if you wish to contribute to this map, you can email railtrace91@gmail.com with locations or submit .kml files of cemetery locations using our file submitter form.

Cemeteries that are considered to be abandoned meet one of the following conditions: they are on private property; they have significant debris/vandalism/damage and are not regularly maintained by an association or even an individual, or they are have been relocated/made inaccessible due to development on or near cemetery land, such as how Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midlothian presently exists.

Legally speaking in the State of Illinois, cemeteries are considered abandoned after thirty years of non-use, and revert to private ownership after that. The actual age of last use is not considered for the additions onto this map. As laws vary from state to state, and country to country, please seek out the laws regarding abandoned cemeteries in the jurisdiction they are located in. Please have respect for both the dead and the living.

As many of these locations are on private property, there should be no expectation that any of these cemeteries are accessible, or that it is legal to access them. Please ask permission from the landowner before attempting to visit any places on here located on private property. We are not responsible for and do not make any warranty regarding the accuracy of this data. If you notice mistakes, or wish to have a location removed, please email railtrace91@gmail.com.

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