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This page has links to our work as portrayed on news, blogs and/or educational websites:

Mapping the Ghostly Traces of Abandoned Railroads - Jessica Leigh Hester's Atlas Obscura article about the abandoned railroad map! (Updated October 2021 after first appearing before this site was created in January, 2018)

This New Map Will Show You America’s Ghost Network Of Abandoned Railroads - Sophia from OnlyInYourState - I wish they would note that the map is not just for the USA, but for the entire world!

Harvard University's Data Smart City Solutions also updated their link to our map upon the changing of our abandoned railroad map: Abandoned Railroad Rights of Way

Our Map is also on BoredPanda's 41 Maps That Portray The Lesser Known Facts About America (I wish they would update that map as well. There are some incredibly beautiful and interesting maps on that link!

Magnitude and Direction notes that our Abandoned Railroad Map "is a testament to how much infrastructure we've let fall by the wayside."

The Congress for the New Urbanism featured our map in their blog on  Abandoned Railways and Urbanism

Axios noted some of our Ghost Towns in their post on Santa Claus, one of Arizona's ghost towns


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