The Uvalde & Northern Railway

The Uvalde & Northern Railway connected Camp Wood, TX with Uvalde, TX and the Southern Pacific Railroad along a 37 mile right of way, beginning in 1921. (Right of way)

"Cedar posts were once a vital requirement in the housing construction business in San Antonio and indeed across Texas. They were used as house foundations. The availability of vast amounts of this vital commodity in the area north of Uvalde made the construction and operation of a short rail line entirely appropriate." (Texas Transportation Museum)

Image and history: Texas Transportation Museum

Once the supply of Cedar near Camp Point ran dry, the line's major source of cargo dried up around 1935.

For the next few years, petroleum shipments kept the line in existence, but running at a loss. After a series of washouts, the line was no longer viable, and it was allowed to be abandoned in 1941. 


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