The Abandoned Railroad Map of Washington State (and an App Update!)

As we've done for the States of Illinois, Rhode Island and Florida, we've completed a static map of Abandoned and Out of Service Railroad Lines based on the abandonments, railbanked corridors, and out-of-service lines in the State of Washington.

Abandoned/Out-of-Service Railroad Corridors in Washington State, 2021. FRRandP creation in QGIS using Mapbox Streets v10 as a background and state/county lines from US Census data.

Clicking on this image will bring up the map in its original size. This data was gathered by us over the last five years and is available on our Abandoned & Out of Service Railroad Lines Map, and where we had missing/incomplete data, we pulled data from the WSDOT GIS Data Catalog, who maintains a shapefile of railroads active and abandoned in the State. Neither ours nor WSDOT's data is completely encompassing however, as there are numerous logging railroads that have not been mapped, many of which have little/no traces left, similar to our map in Florida.

Most prominent in the central part of the State is the Milwaukee Road Pacific Extension, which large swaths remain abandoned from just east of Seattle all the way to beyond the State line in Montana.

As we continue onto making static maps of the United States, I'm excited to say that we will be revamping our mobile app into FRRandP Maps in the next month or so! We will have further details coming in the next few weeks, but we will be moving away from Google My Maps onto our own mapping platform, and add new maps as well.

I even have a screenshot for this very early build of the map! But at this point, I'm trying to avoid the mistakes that plagued us at the beginning of the app creation, so I will not be providing any timelines as this particular time, but it's sooner rather than later.

FRRandP Maps early build.

The hope is the new app will both run better on Android and help us no longer depend on Google as our server, and provide new features we just can't implement using Google My Maps. 

UPDATE: The new map app is up and running and has replaced our Google Map!

Thanks as always for reading!


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