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Are you facing a project that involves transportation, history, site selection, redevelopment, GIS map creation, climate information, or data analytics? Look no further—I'm here to help!

My map of Abandoned Railroad Lines in the State of Illinois, made in ArcGIS.

I have been working on mapping, unearthing, and showcasing abandoned railroads, ghost towns, points of interest, and history in some form since 2014, and in that time have learned a number of things that can help your project come to fruition. Through this journey, I've honed my skills in comprehensive historical research, utilizing diverse resources from both the web and print. I bring this expertise to the table, offering valuable insights shaped by my experiences with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.

I currently serve as a GIS Researcher based in Chicago, managing polygon and point data for global locations, providing analytical services, and transforming data into various GIS formats. My background includes real-time traffic data analysis, contributing to adjustments in traffic management systems in both public and private sectors. Moreover, I've conducted transit needs analysis, focusing on high-density areas lacking efficient transportation access in Chicago. Additionally, I'm well-versed in manipulating climate data, handling variables like temperature and precipitation values.

My portfolio also includes analysis of transit needs, based on high density areas that current lack access to quick transportation in the Chicago area, as well as manipulating climate data such as temperature and precipitation values.

A map that I created as part of measuring the nighttime lows in the Chicago region during major heat waves for my Master's project.

I have a Master's Degree in Geographic Information Science, where I conducted research on the urban heat island impacts across the city of Chicago. If you are interested in my services, please email to inquire further. Thank you very much!


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