Lockport's Abandoned Bridge Over the Des Plaines: Division Street Bridge

The Division Street Bridge in Lockport, IL is currently closed to all traffic (including pedestrian traffic) and hidden behind growth. It once carried traffic across the Des Plaines River, although lost importance once the IL-7 bridge was completed.

The bridge approach is only accessible via IL-53 on the west side of the Des Plaines River/Sanitary Ship Canal.

Forgotten Railways, Roads & Places Photo (August 2018)

According to HistoricBridges, "this abandoned bridge which is closed to all traffic carried Division Street over Des Plaines River. 

"Division Street Bridge over the Des Plaines River" - Courtesy of Lewis University.

At one time an additional bridge, a swing bridge which is today gone, would have carried the street over the Sanitary and Ship Canal to the east as well. This bridge was reportedly closed in 1993 when a high level bridge was constructed for IL-7 about three quarters of a mile north of this bridge.

"Historical Photo of the Day: Workers pause for a photo while redecking the 16th Street Bridge (now Division Street) over the Des Plaines River in Lockport, Illinois, on October 23, 1923, viewed to the east." (Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago)

Dennis DeBruler has an excellent write-up on the history of this bridge, and thus there's very little more for me to discuss that he hasn't already done so! 

Here's another shot of the bridge. Courtesy of Lewis University.
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