Avalanche at Timber Falls Amusement Park

The Avalanche at Timber Falls Adventure Park in Wisconsin Dells, WI was one of the few wooden roller coasters built by S&S. One of the more modern coasters to be demolished, it was built in 2004.

It was also briefly known as HellCat late in its life.

CoasterForce provided a POV of the ride below:

While the track was only 90 feet tall and 2,400 feet long, its stats were not demonstrative of the ride experience, as it was quite intense and fast despite its small size. It also overlooked a relatively steep hill, making it seem taller than it actually was. 

Unfortunately, as can be the case with a major attraction in an otherwise very small amusement park, regular maintenance was not prioritized in a way that it would be at larger, regional theme parks, and the ride experience quickly suffered as a result. Initially ranked as one of the best wooden coasters in the United States, by the end of its life it developed a reputation as an extremely rough and unenjoyable ride. 

By 2017, it had closed down, although its future was still unknown at that point.

Image: Jerry Wideen, 2018

In 2018, Timber Falls announced that the ride had closed for good, with most people believing maintenance costs, as well as long term future profitability of the ride were factors in the ride closing down. In November of that year, it was scrapped, after having been in Standing But Not Operating (SBNO) status for the previous year.

Today, footers for the coaster can still be seen, for now at least. It is not expected that the ride will be replaced with another coaster, and Timber Falls today is a collection of mini-golf courses and a Skyscraper flat ride.

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