Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was a small, family owned park that was located in Mercer County, WV. Despite being closed in the 1960's, it remains frozen in time, unable to shake its dark reputation.

Image: Visit Mercer County

Before discussing the park though, it is important to discuss the history of the land.

The history of this place plays out almost like a Stephen King novel. In 1783, the area was the sight of a bloody turf war with American Indians after a European father attempted to settle the land. The Natives killed three of his children, leading him to murder several Native Americans.

Historical Marker on the Land. Image: Lost Amusement Parks

Once the fighting stopped however, the next hundred plus years would be relatively quiet for the area, and in the 1920’s, businessman Conley T. Snidow purchased the farm and developed the area into an amusement park. A swing set, swimming pond and Ferris wheel were the first attractions.

Nothing unsettling here. (NY Daily News)

Unfortunately, death came swiftly at this amusement park. A little girl was killed on the swing sets after a truck backed into them, followed by a boy drowning in the swimming pond. At least four others would meet their untimely fate at the park. After which, the owners had had enough and it was shut down and sold in 1966.

Today, it is completely rusted over, but many of the rides are still there. The park is frequently shown on paranormal investigation shows and has a reputation as being haunted.

Image: Register-Herald

Recently, the new owners have opened the park up to ghost tours the week before Halloween in 2018, but otherwise the park sits as a stark relic of bloody history. For obvious reasons, the site is a favorite of paranormal investigators and urban explorers to this day, as the rides still remain in place decades after they've been used.

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