The Everett-Snohomish Interurban Railway

The simply named Everett-Snohomish Interurban Railway was an electric line that ran between its namesake cities in Washington State for 9 miles, between 1903-1921. (Right of way)

Junction of the steam and electric lines and trestle over the Northern & Pacific tracks. Street Railway Review, 1903.

The line was originally owned by the Northern Pacific Railway, and the electric interurban replaced its local railway trains, allowing NP to focus on long distance trains. Despite its relatively short length, there were two draw bridges that were crossed through its track.

Straight track and pole construction, double deck trestle 70 ft high and typical curve and overhead work. Street Railway Review, 1903.

It met an early end in a 1921 flood, as the flood destroyed a trestle over the Snohomish River.

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