Is That Enough Warning Lights? The World's Largest Railroad Crossing

This is neither forgotten nor abandoned as of this writing, but this railroad crossing signal gantry is something too unique not to share. This has got to be the world’s largest railroad crossing signal assembly (and if it isn’t, please share what is, because I'd love to see it).

Here, in all its glory, is what I believe is officially the Dorcas at 3rd St Railroad Crossing (DOT Number 854667T). I could be wrong since the DOT Numbers do not always have the best descriptions as to their location, but this seems to be the location.

Image: Cliff Trice, St. Louis, MO via the Railroad Signals Facebook group.

This railroad line serves the Anheuser Busch Brewery in St Louis, and crosses a warehouse loading dock, hence the need for this extremely large railroad crossing. Thus, the public rarely gets to see this view.

Whether "need" is the right word is up for interpretation, since I'm certain there are other industrial operations which go through loading docks. Trains couldn't move very fast around here, and would probably be just as safe being flagged through the dock. Nonetheless, this is pretty cool!

Here’s an aerial view of the structure and loading dock.

The line was run by the Manufacturers Railway, which was owned by the Anheuser-Busch company before Foster Townsend Rail Logistics took over operations in 2011. 

The crossing and railroad line are still in service today, and I can only imagine what it looks like lit up. It may rival the Death Crossing for the most unique signal assembly based on sheer size alone.

GameTrain Productions made a YouTube video of the crossing shown below, but unfortunately didn't catch it in action. 

Thanks as always for reading!


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