The Eureka & Palisade Railroad

The Eureka & Palisade Railroad connected its namesake towns in Nevada, beginning in 1873. A narrow-gauge operation, it was built to connect the central Nevada town of Eureka with the rest of the US Railroad Network at Palisade, reaching its full extent of 84 miles by 1875. (Right of way)

Like many of Nevada's abandoned railroads, it was instrumental in silver mining. And, like many of those lines, it had many setbacks throughout its life. Floods, fires, derailments, and the decline of the silver ore industry would hamper the line throughout its existence. Nonetheless, it lasted over 60 years, making it longer lasting than many other examples of short-line railroads.

Although the line was abandoned in 1938, a couple pieces of rolling stock remain in existence, including the Eureka Locomotive, which is still in operation, and has been used in several railroad museums, despite being privately owned.

Image: Eureka Locomotive via the Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City.

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