A St. Louis Heritage Line: The St. Louis Chain-of-Rocks Railroad

The St. Louis Chain of Rocks Railroad was a tourist operation in the City of St. Louis, running from a junction with the Burlington Northern Railroad, north three miles on industrial track that was also used to transport materials to St. Louis' Water Treatment Plant. (Right of way)

Before the SLCR, the line was part of the St. Louis City Railroad.

SLCR 406. Image: Paul Hunnell, 1994. FRRandP photo collection.

According to the 1974 timetable, "passenger trains of this railroad will operate between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 P.M. on the second Sunday of each month from April through October. The St. L. and C. R. Railroad operates 3 miles of track in north St. Louis, from the Burlington Northern Jct. to Mississippi River Dam #27. All passengers must board trains at the Briscoe Station, located at the intersection of Riverview and Lookaway Drives. Free parking. Passengers of all ages may ride these trains free of any charge. Donations are welcome and will be used to maintain and improve passenger service on this line."

By 1995, tourist operations had ceased, and the tracks became unusable after a flood on the Mississippi River. Shipments to the water treatment plant used trucks as opposed to the industrial rail spur, and thus the line was abandoned.


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