Union Pacific's Big Boy, the World's Largest Steam Engine, Visits West Chicago

Union Pacific 4014, better known as Big Boy, is one of 25 4-8-8-4 locomotives manufactured for UP between 1941-44. Of these 25, only eight are still around, and of those eight, only one, 4014, is in operating condition.

UP 4014 at West Chicago after stopping for what will be a three night stay.
Big Boy got its name from an unknown worker who wrote the phrase on the front of 4000, and is currently the largest operating steam engine in the world.

Big Boy heading westbound on the south track at West Chicago station, greeted by thousands of onlookers, drones and even a helicopter.

Letting off steam after parking.

It is difficult to get the entire thing in one photo!
Now once again in operation, Union Pacific is showing it off across the western United States. It was at Promontory for the 150th Anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad, and moved as far east as Milwaukee.

I guess I was a little too close. You can really feel the heat emanating from this beast!
It is now on display at West Chicago until 8:00am on July 30th, when it'll move once again to Rochelle, IL, en route to Cedar Rapids, IA. The photos in this blog come from me on Friday, July 26th at West Chicago.

Thanks to Twitter, I knew exactly where she was coming from and when, by the time it passed Winfied, I knew it was less than 10 minutes away. Broadcastify can also be a help for railroad scanners.

While at West Chicago, I of course stopped by some of the landmarks, like the original depot, now in use as an Art studio.
There were tons of railfans on all corners of the station at West Chicago, some unfortunately were also on the right of way of active rail. For all of you planning to visit Big Boy on its remaining journey home, please remember to expect a train at any time, and do not trespass!

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