The Indian Valley Railroad

 The Indian Valley Railroad was the name of the fictional railroad line that ran in the children's show "Shining Time Station".

But the fictional line actually shared its name with a real railroad line, which ran between the Western Pacific Railroad at Paxton, CA and Engle Mine, about 20 miles northeast. (Right of way)

"View of two unidentified women standing on an Indian Valley Railroad locomotive in Paxton, Plumas County c. 1940." California State University, Chico archives.

It began running in 1917 to transport copper from the mine, but began carrying passengers from Paxton shortly thereafter.

Image: "View of an Indian Valley Railroad locomotive on August 10, 1937, location is unknown". Meriam Library. California State University, Chico

A townsite called "Englemine" was platted nearby the end of line. However when copper prices dropped, the mine was no longer profitable, and the railroad as well as the town were abandoned in 1938.

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