A Trip Down Under to the Aramac Tramway

The Aramac Tramway opened Aramac, Queensland, Australia to the rest of the Australian Railway Network at Barcaldine, QLD.

Image and history

Tramways in Australia were railways that were owned and/or operated by local authorities as opposed to part of the larger state railway networks. Aramac had several times lobbied for a railway connection but was rejected each time, with the nearest rail line 41 miles away at Barcaldine.

Aramac Tramway on our Abandoned & Out-of-Service Railroad Lines Map

Finally in 1913 they completed their own tramway line to connect to the rail network. World War I would impact traffic in its infancy, and a cyclone in the 1920's further hampered operations.

Ultimately the line survived at a loss until 1975, becoming the last locally owned tramway in Queensland to close. The Aramac Station survives today as the Aramac Tramway Museum.


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