The Berkshire Street Railway

The Berkshire Street Railway was a network of interurban railway lines that was a subsidiary of the much larger New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, who ran steam engines through the same territory, albeit to farther destinations.

The system ran across four Northeaster states, with trackage from Hoosick Falls, NY; Bennington, VT, Great Barrington, MA and Canaan, CT.

We purchased a collection of railway photographs and discovered a few unique shots of the interurban that we felt deserved sharing, even if we have little in the way of unique history to contribute to the memory of this line. Each of the photos below come from this collection.

"Pownal Center, VT. Berkshire Street Railway". Undated photo.

"Berkshire Street Railway Foreground. Boston & Maine Eastbound train" c.1940

Image: "Berkshire Street Railway. Commercial Street, Adams, MA looking north" February 21st, 1923. Google Maps view of the same location.

Further reading: A History of the Berkshire Street Railway (Amazon)

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