The Ever-Moving US Highway 48

US Highway 48 is the only two-digit US Highway that has existed in more than two places, having been the number for three different routes throughout US Highway history.

Image: CalTrafficSigns via AARoads

The first US 48 was signed from San Jose to French Camp, CA as part of the first US Routes in 1926. Five years later, it became one of the first routes to be removed from the system, having been replaced by an extended US-50, and ultimately part of present-day I-880.

The second US 48 was opened in 1975 between Morgantown, WV and Hancock, MD. This road was upgraded to a freeway, and in 1991, was replaced by present-day Interstate 68.

The third US 48 was applied to a highway relatively close to the second one, just somewhat more east. It was designated in 2002, making it one of the youngest US Highways, and is part of Appalachian Corridor H. When fully complete, it will run between Weston, WV and Strasburg, VA for a distance of 157 miles.

Image: Corridor H milepost on U.S. 48 near Moorefield, West Virginia in 2020. (Wikipedia Commons)

As shown above, this is part of Appalachian Highway Corridor H.

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