Glenrio, Texas and New Mexico

Glenrio is a ghost town located at the state line of Texas and New Mexico, and parts of the settlement were located on either site of the state line. While it is a ghost town today, it has a unique distinction as having been a stop on a railroad, an auto trail, and a US Highway, making it of interest to both ghost town explorers and transportation historians. 

It was originally named Rock Island for the railroad that ran through the town, as it was platted by the company. In 1917, the Ozark Trail came to town, in what would become a predecessor to US Route 66 in the 1920's.

Image and history: Kathleen Maca 

The Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad would abandon its line between Amarillo, TX and Tucumcari, NM in 1955, leaving Glenrio without rail service. 

Not much later, Interstate 40 would replace Route 66, with a grade running 1/3 of a mile north of the town. By the 1980's, there were only a handful of residents, and most of the buildings today lay abandoned, nothing more than a curiosity of those who travel the old Route 66.

It is disputed between New Mexico and Texas as to which state the town (or what's left of it belongs to), leading most to refer to the town as Glenrio, New Mexico and Texas.

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