Monon Railroad's Bloomfield Branch

The Bloomfield Branch of the Monon Railroad featured the only railroad tunnel along the Monon's right of way, near Owensburg, IN. The tunnel was aptly named the Owensburg Tunnel. (Right of way)

Image: Owensburg Tunnel under construction. Indiana Historical Society, c.1895.

The line started at Bedford, IN and headed west to Linton, IN, running just over 45 miles in length. Bloomfield is both a town on the former route, as well as a predecessor railroad for the route, as it was originally the Bloomfield Railroad.

Originally a narrow-gauge operation, the Monon converted it into standard gauge, and as such, had to expand the tunnel to handle wider loads of freight.

By 1935, the branch was abandoned, and the tunnel has since been rendered inaccessible on either end.

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