Underwater Twice a Day: The Passage du Gois

The Passage du Gois is a road that connects the Island of Noirmoutier with mainland France. It is 2.5 miles long. What makes the road noteworthy is that it is flooded twice a day by high tide. It is only passable for a few hours each day, and many drivers have had to be rescued from the road due to flooding.

The Passage du Gois during a daily flood.

The road is still in service, but has been practically replaced by the Pont du Noirmoutier (Noirmoutier Bridge) as a means to drive to the island.

Every year, the Foulées du Gois is a footrace from one end of the road to another at the beginning of High Tide. The fastest racers can beat the tide in ankle-deep water, but those behind often have to swim to the finish.


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