An Earthquake Casulty: the JNR Ōfunato Line

After the 2011 major earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, many rail lines were compromised, and many of these in rural areas were abandoned.

One example of this was the Ōfunato Line, where the right of way was destroyed north of the Kesennuma Station. The line was part of the Japanese National Railway system, which was privatized into regional companies after 1987. After privatization, the line was owned by the East Japan Railway.

Image: Otomo Station. 2018 by Yasu, Wikipedia Commons.

Most of the destroyed stations saw less than 200 passengers per day, and thus the rail line was abandoned and converted into a busway in 2013 between Kesennuma and Tamoyama, a distance of about 28 miles.

The busway was originally a temporary solution, but the rapid speed of buses proved popular enough to fully replace rail along the right of way.


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