The Original Mark Twain Memorial Bridge (1936-2000)

The Mark Twain Memorial Bridge spanned the Mississippi River, connecting Hannibal, MO with the State of Illinois at Aladdin. The bridge was a Public Works Administration project, opening in 1936, coincidentally as part of US Highway 36.

Image: Missouri State Archives via BridgeHunter

Before the bridge was built, automobiles could cross the Mississippi River at the nearby Wabash Bridge, which was built, and remains, as a railroad bridge. 

Image: MODOT 1940 Map

Originally opening as a toll bridge, the tolls were removed in 1940. 

Image: Missouri State Archives via BridgeHunter, 1952

In 2000, the bridge was demolished and replaced with a new bridge of the same name, carrying the newly-extended I-72 into Missouri, as well as US-36. A portion of the old Mark Twain Memorial Bridge remains is preserved at Cardiff Hill Overlook Park in Hannibal.

More pictures of the Bridge are available from the Library of Congress.

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