You Could Easily Walk From One End of Indiana 520 to the Other. But Please Don't.

The Town of Pines, Indiana, is sandwiched between two very long US Highways; US-12 to the north and US-20 to the south. While most roads in the Town connect the two routes in some way, the widest of which, Maple St, is signed as IN-520.

Image and history: Bill Burmaster

It is only about 1,300 feet in length (officially listed at 0.248 miles per INDOT), making it the shortest signed route in the State of Indiana, and one of the shortest in the entire United States. Even stranger, it is four lanes throughout its length, making it possibly the shortest four lane highway in the world.

The IN-520 designation for the connector has been in place since at least 1964, and is still signed today. Interestingly, while Maple St is the widest road in the Town of Pines, it is not the longest, yet is the only one maintained by the state.


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