The Toledo & Chicago Interurban Railroad

The Toledo & Chicago Interurban Railroad ran from Auburn, IN to Avilla, IN, with branches serving Fort Wayne, Waterloo and Kendallville, all within the state of Indiana. (Right of way in Yellow)

Garrett, IN interurban station. Image: Garrett Historical Society

The line began service in 1903, at a time when many interurbans were being planned and constructed all across the United States, and particularly in the developed Northeast and Midwest.

Connections were envisioned to its namesake cities via other lines, as well as Indianapolis, but for much of the route never materialized.

By 1937, the interurban ended passenger service, but kept running industrial freight operations in the Fort Wayne area until 1945. Like many interurbans, the gas powered bus and automobile were the main culprits for its demise. Sadly, no rolling stock of this line appears to have been preserved.

Further reading:  "The Toledo & Chicago Interurban Railway Company, Its Predecessor and Successors..."


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