Interstate 755: A Cancelled Urban Freeway

Interstate 755 was a never built freeway proposal, which would have run through downtown St. Louis, MO, connecting I-44/I-55 at its south end, with I-70 on its north end.

Image of the proposed freeway and nearby streets, turned horizontally via NextStL

A downtown connector for the routes that run through St. Louis was first proposed in 1947, well before the Interstate Highway System would come to fruition.

What a 755 shield would have looked like as an interstate highway.

The road encountered both public opposition and funding issues, as attitudes towards urban freeways changed in the early 1970's, not just in St. Louis, but in many parts of the US. The road, had it been built, would have cut through established, historic neighborhoods, in addition to increasing taxes in the area. By the early 1980's, the economic downturn of the area would be end of the proposed highway.

While the project was cancelled, ghost ramps from both the junction of I-44/I-55 and I-70, which would have connected to the highway, remain in place to this day, serving arterial roads such as Tucker Blvd.

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