The Morehead & North Fork Railroad

What would become the Morehead & North Fork Railroad in 1905 was first proposed as the Morehead & West Liberty Railroad in 1891. (Right of way)

Image: Morehead State University Digital Archives.

The M&WL built 4 out of a proposed 20 mile right of way between a junction with the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad at Morehead, and Redwine, KY on the North Fork of the Licking River. The M&NF continued on to complete the road.

It was almost entirely a logging railroad, but was a common carrier, and did haul clay after a decline in timber hauls. Significant curves and grades were a feature along the line.

A major flood in 1929 would significantly hamper operations, with abandonment of all but the first 4 miles of track would be granted in 1933.

Further Reading: "Steam in the Heart: Life and Times Along the Morehead and North Fork Rails"


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