Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Chicago, IL

Originally named Grand Blvd, and later S Park Avenue (or S Park Way), Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Chicago, IL became the first street named after the civil-rights leader, following his assassination in 1968.

Image: Wendell Huston, DNAInfo

Today there are over 700 streets named in his honor. Not every name change has been without controversy, however, as Kansas City, Missouri attempted to rename a historic street name, The Paseo, after MLK Jr., to which voters overwhelmingly objected.

Interestingly, while a very common name for a street, there is no single way to describe the road, which can lead to some confusion between cities. For example, while the official name of the street in Chicago is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., other cities, and even different Chicagoans may refer to it as "MLK" "ML King Jr Dr" "MLK Drive" "King Drive", "Martin Luther King". East Chicago, IN refers to their road as "Martin Luther King Dr", omitting the Jr. and Doctor in his name. 


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