Newfoundland Railway's Trinity Loop

The Newfoundland Railway was the longest narrow-gauge railway in North America, running the entirety of the island of Newfoundland. Its mainline was over 550 miles in length. We've discussed the mainline before in our blog on Five of the World's Longest Abandoned Railways.

Its Bonavista Branch ran 88 miles from Clarenville, NL to Bonavista, NL until 1984. One of the most unique features of this branch was the Trinity Loop, where the track made a 540 degree turn around Loop Pond

This loop was preserved after the right of way was abandoned, after a grassroots campaign saved it, becoming a Registered Heritage Structure four years later.

Image: Across the Blue Planet

Within the loop, a small amusement park was constructed, with a narrow gauge railway running along the old right of way, along with a Ferris Wheel and a few other rides.

Unfortunately, the park would close in 2004 after the area experienced an economic downturn. Any hopes of reopening the park were dashed when Hurricane Igor hit Newfoundland in 2010.

View of the amusement park. Image: Candy Carrothers via Atlas Obscura

View of the amusement park railway, obviously post-abandonment. Image: Candy Carrothers via Atlas Obscura

Many of the old structures remain to this day, and ironically, the area is more popular now as a relic of both railroad and amusement park history than it was when the theme park operated.

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