The Boise, Nampa & Owyhee Railway

The Boise Nampa & Owyhee Railway was a line running between Nampa and Murphy, ID, about 29 miles south from Nampa. First constructed in 1896 with operations beginning the year afterward, it transported livestock, wool, and ore from the mining camps near Murphy to a junction with the Union Pacific Railroad at Nampa. (Right of way)

One of the towns between the enpoints was Guffey, on the Snake River. According to IDGenWeb, Guffey was created as the terminal point of the railroad. A railroad bridge across the Snake River was completed in 1897. On May 27 of that year, the first building in Guffey was erected by Fred Brunzell. Several businesses were added in 1897 and 1898, mostly involved in the transfer of freight from the railroad to wagons and stages going on to the mining district around Silver City, and beyond.

Guffey Bridge over the Snake River. Photo c.1923 via BridgeHunter

Sold to the Idaho Northern Railway in 1907, which later became part of the Union Pacific in an intense battle with Northern Pacific for rail traffic in the region.

The line between Nampa and Murphy would be abandoned in 1947, while part of the right-of-way is now the Nampa to Stoddard Trail.

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