The Arizona & Swansea Railroad

The Arizona & Swansea Railroad ran between the ghost towns of Bouse and Swansea, AZ in the early 20th century. Like many lines constructed around that time, it was exclusively used in mining. (Right of way). At Bouse, the line connected with the Arizona & California Railroad, which later became part of the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe.

Tracks of the former Arizona & Swansea (Photo: GhostTownAZ)

A 21 mile line constructed in 1909, its purpose was to support the mining operations of the Swansea Consolidated Gold & Copper Company.

Arizona & Swansea Railroad Stock Certificate

Like many short lines, it suffered from mismanagement, which led to the mine being unprofitable before World War I. By 1912, the mines would close.

Reopening in 1914 under new management, it stayed operational until copper prices dropped immediately following the war.

Ruins at Swansea, AZ. Photo: GhostTownAZ

The line would be abandoned in 1927, and Swansea would become a ghost town shortly thereafter.


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