Magilligan Point's Abandoned Railway

Magilligan Point is located on the Northern coast of Northern Ireland, across from Greencastle in Ireland, which it connects to via ferry. The nearest railway line is about four miles south at Magilligan.

Image: Discover Northern Ireland

But it wasn't always that way. A four mile branch line to connect to the ferry was built and opened in July 1855 by the Londonderry and Coleraine Railway. This branch was only served by horse power, not steam, however. (Right of way)

This line would be one of the first to close on the entire island of Ireland, as just three months later, in October 1855, the line fell into disrepair, and would be abandoned.

At least one proposal for reopening the line would come many decades later near the turn of the century by the Midland Railway, a successor to the Northern Counties Railway, of which the L&C eventually became part of. It did not materialize, and Magilligan Point has thus not been served by rail in over 160 years.

During this time, the entire island was part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, before Southern Ireland (now simply the Republic of Ireland) gained independence in 1922.

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