The Laona & Northern Railway

The Laona & Northern Railway was a logging railroad in northern Wisconsin, which connected the town of Laona to the Soo Line Railroad at the aptly-named Laona Junction, beginning service in 1902 along an 8 mile route. (Right of way)

Laona & Northern Steam Engine. Image: Laona History

It converted to diesel power in the 1950's, but kept one of its steam engines as a reserve. Soon after, it began using this engine to transport passengers along the run, in addition to continued lumber transport.

Today, the lumber operations have long ceased, but part of the line continues as a heritage operation known as the Lumberjack Steam Train & Camp 5 Museum, giving tourists a glimpse into the history of logging railroads in the area.

Lumberjack Steam Train #4 Postcard

According to the museum, "in the late 1890s, Camp Five began operations as a logging camp in northern Wisconsin. All logging camps were numbered sequentially as railroad logging operations were opened in new areas. In 1914, Camp Five became the local lumber company’s farm raising meat, produce, and draught horses for the company town of Laona and the company area logging camps."

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