The Chicago West Pullman & Southern Railroad

One of the many, many short line railroads that have existed within the City of Chicago was the Chicago, West Pullman & Southern Railroad, the brainchild of Cyrus McCormick in the 1880's.

Paul Hunnell photo, 1984. FRRandP Photo Collection

McCormick founded the International Harvester company, and wished to manufacture and produce the materials necessary for its products in house. To that end, he gained control of a steel company that became Wisconsin Steel on Chicago's South Side, and the CWP&S was constructed to transport materials between the two plants.

Here's a map of the operations. Originally found from Industrial History.

The company lasted until 1983, when the Chicago West Pullman company purchased the assets of the steel plant and railroad, and abandoning unnecessary trackage.

What is left of the right of way is now part of Chicago Rail Link.

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