The Montana Wyoming and Southern Railroad

The Montana Wyoming and Southern Railroad was a short-line railroad in Carbon County, MT, completed in 1906 between Bridger, MT (where it connected with the Northern Pacific Railway), and Washoe, MT, 23 miles southwesterly. It also served nearby Eagle, MT via a branch line.

Yesteryear Depot 1930 image by Paul Eilenburger via SteamLocomotive

It was built to be bought out by the NP, leaving investors with great returns, however it remained independent throughout its life, as NP did not want to deal with promoter Frank Hall, who had built an earlier competing line to the Northern Pacific. 

Line of the Montana Wyoming & Southern on our Abandoned & Out-of-Service Railroad Lines Map

Given that the line's only connection to the rest of the US rail network was through the NP, they nonetheless retained significant indirect control of the line.

Map and caption from Something of a nuisance value: The Montana Wyoming & Southern Railroad, 1905-1953

The high grade coal of the area nonetheless made the venture profitable for nearly 50 years, until its abandonment in 1953.

The MW&S Depot at Belfry still stands, but is in a somewhat dilapidated state.

Belfry Depot, 2019. Wikipedia Commons.

The only tangible reminder of the railroad's existence is the occasional piece of track or bridge abutment that can still be found in the wilds. Thanks as always for reading!


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