The Montgomery and Eufaula Railroad

The Montgomery and Eufaula Railroad was incorporated in 1860 to build a railroad across its namesake cities, connecting Montgomery, AL with the Chattahoochee River at Eufaula. (Right of way

1859 Newspaper Article proposing a Montgomery-Eufaula railroad, which was formally incorporated the following year.

Construction was obviously postponed as a result of the Civil War, but would reach completion ten years later, building an 81 mile route across the eastern part of the state.

Like many early railroads, it initially suffered financially, and was purchased in 1879 by the Central Rail Road and Banking Company, a predecessor to the Central of Georgia Railroad, who would reorganize the road under its original name. In 1895, the Central of Georgia Railroad formally incorporated the route into their system, adding another railroad connection between Georgia and Alabama.

The route would pass on to CofG's successor, the Southern Railway, and its ultimate Class I successor, Norfolk Southern. In 1972, the first stretch of this road would be abandoned between Eufaula and Union Springs, with NS abandoning the Union Springs-Montgomery stretch in 1985.

Just north of Eufaula exists a short rail trail along the right of way of this former line, the 4.4 Yoholo-Micco Rail Trail.

Image: NS 8101, a heritage unit commemorating the Central of Georgia Railroad. Forgotten Railways, Roads & Places photo collection.

For more history on this branch, TrainWeb has a great article on some of its later operations, as well as some sister lines in eastern Alabama. Thanks as always for reading!


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